The Story Of Fishing Cats

Last year, we were approached by Plimsoll Productions, about participating in a documentary called The Story of Cats. We were to be filmed for the segment on fishing cats (obviously!). Since ITV doesn’t air in Sri Lanka, one of Fi’s friends dropped her a text saying that she saw us on TV. So after quite a bit of searching, I came across the video. Due to streaming rights, I can’t post the┬álink here. You’ll have to do some digging yourself.

In case you have access to the full documentary, we are in the middle (at 17:00) but watch the whole video, because it’s AMAZING!┬áChandika Jayaratne, who is studying the gorgeous Rusty-spotted Cat, is also featured in this!

It really is awesome to see these small cats showcased, for once. The Pallas cat, Ocelot, Fishing Cat, Sand Cat, Rusty-spotted Cat and Canadian Lynx are all featured in this episode.

Yay for small cats!

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